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Lisa explains how her sessions uncover deep-rooted causes of health issues, then builds an individualized plan to make you stronger through nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle.


Iridology was originally discovered in the 1800s, and is the scientific analysis of patterns and structures in the iris of the eye. Analysis of the iris helps us see what our bodies strengths and weaknesses are. Then we are given the opportunity to strengthen and cleanse our bodies to obtain our maximum health potential. It reveals body constitution, inherent strengths and weaknesses, which organs are in greatest need of repair and rebuilding, bowel problems, adrenal exhaustion and many other things.


Iridology will not identify specific disease, what specific medications or drugs an individual is using or has used in the past, whether a person is male or female, or if the individual has excess heavy metals. Iridology does provide information towards conditions, often before symptoms appear. Genetic markings in the iris will teach us which organs of the body are prone to weakness due to your genes.


Improper nutrition and lack of exercise undermines the body's integrity until eventually it becomes unable to reverse damaging toxic conditions through its own natural self-healing mechanisms, Therefore, nutrition and iridology are inseparable in one's pursuit of a healthy way of life. Nutritional assessment will be done at the same time as the iridology assessment.


This method of assessment has been used by the Chinese for at least 1000 years, and is still used today by physicians all over the world. It can be defined as the science of the markings in the whites of the eyes describing conditions of health. The sclera will let us know which systems (i.e. endocrine, elimination, respiratory, digestion) currently have congestion or are stressed. The thicker and redder the blood vessel, the more congestion or stress in that area of the body. Just like iridology, sclerology is not naming a specific disease, but is showing where the body needs the most support. The chart, provided by Grand Medicine, gives you an idea of how the sclera is charted.

Tongue Analysis

This Traditional Chinese Medicine assessment tool has been used since 1060 B.C. and gives the truest indication of internal disharmony. Observation of the tongue includes the color, shape, coatings and level of moisture in the body. You can see by the tongue assessment chart that we can see more information on how the kidney, bladder, stomach, liver, heart and lungs are doing. By making observations on the coatings, color etc…will tell us whether areas are too hot or cold, damp or dry, excess or deficient.


The initial consultation consists of the iridology and sclerology assessment, nutrition and lifestyle assessment and tongue analysis.  Consultation cost is $95. 

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