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Natural Healing for People Seeking Insight to Their Health

Lisa Taylor is a Natural Health Consultant and has been working with clients for over 12 years. She can provide you insight to your personal health by doing a Health Assessment on you where she will analyze your iris, sclera and tongue. Being a Master Herbalist, she can provide you with nutritional feedback, supplemental advice and suggested lifestyle changes that will improve your health conditions.

Lisa is also a Bio Energy Healer which will helping your emotional and mental wellbeing. Bio Energy is a form of energy healing and can improve stress, sleep, focus, anxiety, chronic pain and so much more. By making simple and meaningful changes in their lives, Lisa's clients have noticeable improvements in their health.

Simple Changes, Noticeable Improvements

Here's what clients think

"I have felt a lot clearer lately.
Those bio energy sessions with you helped me realize I was storing fear in my body.
I wasn't even aware of it until you let me know it was there.
Once I accepted it was there, I was able to tap into it,
deal with it and release it.
Amazing difference in how I feel on a daily basis!
So I wanted to thank you!"

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Do you or someone you know suffer from any of the following:

If so, Contact Lisa to learn what can be done each day to improve overall health.