Freedom to Follow Your Life's Path

Intuitive Readings

Many people wonder about their life path and are looking for direction in regards to their life, their relationships, their careers, their families and their future. Having an intuitive angel card reading can help to give you some of the answers and direction you are seeking.


During a session, you will be choosing a deck of cards of which you feel guided towards, and then Lisa will choose a deck for you as well. By doing two decks during a reading, we are able to get more insight to different aspects of your life.


You will leave your session feeling more "in tune" with your life and where to focus going into the future. Some people need very simple things like to have more fun/joy or to take some time in nature, where other times people need to take on a more serious approach like cleaning up their lifestyle or doing a detoxification on their bodies and sometimes on their personal living space.


Sessions are between 45-60 minutes long and can be done as often as desired.


Intuitive readings are $95 for 1 hour or $65 for 30 minutes.

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